E-Computing has been dealing with RMA’s I.T. for over ten years now by responding not only to our company’s I.T. needs as they’ve changed over time, but also keeping our firm up to date with technology in the broader sense to deliver to market expectation. Essentially they have supported our IT growth in the same way our accountant or solicitor supports our financial or legal compliance. 

David Wilkes is our single point of contact which streamlines everything. He’s who we call if there is I.T. hiccup so we can get on with our designated roles. As nothing happens without IT underpinning our business, fast response times are crucial and that’s why we have continued to work with e Computing.  With engineering drawings to up and down load via the internet, the quickest internet access times are a basic essential for RMA. E Computing provides this service so we’re not only in the game, but ahead of it.

Phillip Meyer – CEO