Business DSL is one of Australia’s three largest telecommunications companies and is part of the Telecom New Zealand Group. Since 1991, we’ve used a combination of quality and competitive pricing to secure Australians great deals for phone, internet and mobile services – at home and at work.

We’re a straight up company and in the best of Aussie traditions, we tell it like it is. So we’re big enough to meet your needs yet flexible enough to be innovative and deliver quickly. We offer a full range of local and long distance voice, mobile, data and internet services for residential, business, government and wholesale customers.

We started out as an offshoot of Australian Associated Press (AAP). With an aim to challenge Telstra as their first competitor in long distance and voice services, we wasted no time becoming one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.

When changes to legislation removed the restriction on carrier licences in July 1997, we obtained a full carrier licence, and by November, we were the first telecommunications carrier to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. In November 2000, we were fully acquired by Telecom New Zealand, resulting in our delisting from the Australian Stock Exchange.

Leveraging the investment and technological capabilities of our parent company, we’re moving our customers beyond the “just a telco” mindset and into a world of personalised and adaptable information communications technology (ICT) solutions.

Today, we’re one of only three Australian telecommunications providers with the capabilities and resources needed to own and operate our own national voice and data network.