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At Symantec, we secure and manage your information-driven world
We pursue this core purpose with an unrelenting focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. And while the overall computing environment has undergone tremendous change in recent years, we remain committed to helping ensure confidence in today’s connected world.

Confidence means being able to work and play freely. It means that data and personal information can be easily managed while remaining secure and private—no matter the system or device. In short, confidence in the security and ready availability of data and information enables and supports many of the activities we take for granted: from running integrated business systems, to engaging in online banking and shopping, to sharing emails with family members.

We see the threads of corporate responsibility as intertwined with Symantec’s corporate mission. When we track and respond to cyberattacks, when we provide clients with software to help them save energy and reduce carbon emissions in their data centers and beyond, when we promote the advancement of women in technology, when we teach parents how to keep their children safe online—all these actions speak to our commitment to larger social and environmental issues.

We invite your comments on our progress to date and look forward to further engaging with you to innovate a better future.