Hooper Accountants


Hooper and co Accountants have been in practice in Toowoomba for over 35 years.  During that time they have worked with a number of technology partners.  For the past 5 years Hooper and co have been dealing with e-Computing.  Originally with a traditional network based at our premises in Russell Street. 

When time came to upgrade our Network, David Wilkes suggested that we consider connecting to the e-Computing network at their premises. As with most businesses our computer network is extremely important to us, however we are not computer technicians and it isn’t our core business.  The relocation of our equipment and all upgrades are taken care of at e-Computing,

We remotely access all our applications of servers located at their office offering us peace of mind not having to maintain the day to day backups, virus protection, internet filtering, UPS equipment, installing software updates etc,  while allowing access anywhere at any time.

This model works well for us being invoiced per month for access; it has allowed us to expand without great capital cost.

Jim Rawlings – Managing Director