Pacific Seeds


Pacific Seeds has worked with e-Computing for over ten years since we moved to them for our IT needs because they know and understand our business. David Wilkes professional approach to implementing business networking solutions in our diverse business is critical.  Having worked myself in IT for over 20 years it goes without saying  that working with them for so long means that I trust them – they don’t try to sell me technology we don’t need and are genuinely interested in our business and provide best of breed cost-effective solutions.

 The services and support e-Computing provides makes my job easier, dealing with our 120 users in many different locations, with different requirements  is challenging, ensuring our IT meets our business needs is critical to our success. They supply us with, hardware and software, servers, back-ups etc, high level technical network support. Most importantly I know I can call at any time and they will be there.  

 In fact, I ask their opinion of all projects relating to IT, even when they are not the chosen supplier (for instance when we installed a Telstra communication product), because I know I’ll get no-nonsense unbiased advice about the suitability to our business and how our system it is set up..

Jason Grundon – IT Business Manager